Environmental Management System Certification – ISO 14001

Environmental Management System Certification – ISO 14001

SO 14001 is the management system that provides guaranteeing all processes related with the fulfilling production or service are managed in the frame of environmental regulation.

It is a generally accepted reality that environmental effects obtained after production and other activities of organizations affect all the world and natural resources are not unlimited.

Certification of environmental management system ISO 14001

Holding a place in world market is only possible by setting value to humans and environment. Consumers requires not only their expectations and needs to be met but also being given value to herself/himself, environment and world that she/he lives and also questions the related organizations about their sensitivity to this head.

Certification according to ISO 14001 shows that the organization provides continual improvement of environmental applications and controlling interactions with the environment.

Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) benefits:

  • Provides consistency to national and international legislations,
  • Provides advantage in international competition,
  • Increases corporate reputation and market share,
  • Provides being prepared to emergency states (Earthquake, fire, flood etc.) and accidents, decreasing the events like accident etc.,
  • Provides the pollution getting under control and decreasing beginning from the source,
  • Provides economization in input material and energy,
  • Provides economically usage of raw material by decreasing and getting under control the wastes and decreases the production costs.