Business Continuity Management System – ISO 22301 BCM

Business Continuity Management System – ISO 22301 BCM

This was created by leading experts for sustainable (continuity) business, out of leading industrial, service and financial companies, and it provides the best frame for Business Continuity Management in an organization. One of the things that separates this standard form other methodologies and standards for business continuity is that organizations can be certified according to ISO 22301 by accredited certification companies, and in that way prove its compliance with customers, partners, owners, investors, employees, creditors and other interested parties.

Business continuity management system ISO 22301 BCM

When Business Continuity Management is implemented in an appropriate way the possibility for business interruption reduces, but even if such an interruption occurs, the organization will be capable to response in an appropriate way which will drastically reduce potential damage of such interruption.

Any organization – big or small, profit or non-profit, private or public. Standard is conceived in such way that is applicable to any size or type of organization.

Benefits of ISO 22301 BCM:

  • Identification and management of current and future threats and risks for business,
  • Proactive approach in minimization of threats and risks,
  • Creating a system in which key (critical) functions of an company are functioning also in crisis situations,
  • Minimalizing time need for starting the business due to occurrence of a crisis situation,
  • Flexibility on new demands by costumers, and sudden situations with suppliers,
  • Image that is brought by a certified system according to ISO 22301.