SCC* / SCC** / SCCP Safety Certificate for Contractors


SCC * / SCC ** / SCCP Safety Certificate for Contractors

Prevent Accidents and Property Damage
In industrial parks and large plants, contractors are increasingly being used for technical services or work. To prove that essential occupational health and safety requirements are met, UNIVERSAL GmbH offers voluntary certification in accordance with the SCC regulations (safety certificate contractors) for these companies.

Entrance Ticket to The Market
The SCC certificate is indispensable in many sectors – national as well as international – in order to be considered in the selection of contractors. In addition, certified contractors benefit from legal certainty, optimized management processes and more efficient workflows. This helps to reduce risks caused by disruptions to operations, environmental damage, property damage and downtime costs.

Three Variants of the SCC Certification
For companies with up to 35 employees, a limited certification (SCC *) is sufficient. For companies with more than 35 employees, an unrestricted certification (SCC **) is required; Similarly, in companies with fewer than 35 employees, if they use even contractors. For companies that use workers in the petrochemical industry or in refineries, there is the certification SCCP. In each case, a determination of the frequency of accidents and their comparison with limit values, standardized training of employees and executives as well as positive answers to the questions from the SCC checklist are required. In addition, project visits will be held to assess the safety and health environment during the performance of the contracting activity.

Combine the SCC Certification with other Certificates
The SCC certification can be carried out separately or together with other certifications such as DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management) or DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental protection management). We are happy to inform you.