Certification rules

Certification rules

Certification procedure

Universal Adria performs third party audit management system (UPR.02 Certification Procedure). For fulfilling the needs and the expectations of its customers; it performs a clear, efficient and professional certification process within the frame of the statements below.

In the act of contacting with Universal offices, an opportunity of a detailed explanation and an evaluation about the necessities of certification is going to be given.

For a “Certification Request” to be prepared on behalf of your company, you are required to fill the Certification Request Form.

Subsequent to the inquiry of the application form, a proposal is conveyed to your company for the certification process. There is not any additional fee apart from this proposal.

In the event of the acceptance of the proposal, which is sent by Universal Adria, Certification Application Form is going to be conveyed. When this form is filled in full, and is conveyed to our office, the certification process will be started.

System Audit

With the aim of verification and determination of the company’s full comprehension of the certification procedure and of the retrieval of the true information about the implementation of company’s management system, it is performed before the initial audit according to the customers’ will. Pre-audits are not advisory for certification.

Stage 1 Audit
Universal GmbH pays a visit to the company with the aim of examining the compliance of the documents.

Goals of Stage 1 Audit:

  • To determine the compliance of the documents about the company’s management system according to the related audit standard and audit scope.
  • To prepare a detailed plan for Stage 2 Audit.
  • To provide an opportunity for preparing a professional report.
  • To get to know the company and to check the scope, the processes, the dispensations and the man-day calculations.

For an effective completion of Stage 1 Audit, outputs of the management system, the legal and regulation conditions, the documents required by standards and the records that can measure the effectiveness of the system must be kept available by the company.

Stage 2 Audit
If the results of field-based Stage 1 Audit examination and the documents reviewed by Universal Adria audit team are positive, Stage 2 Audit can be planned.

Stage 2 Audit is carried out according to the audit plan, the audit includes; opening meeting, realization of the audit, audit team evaluation meeting and closing meeting.

Goals of Stage 2 Audit:

  • To verify the implementation of the management system effectively.
  • To recommend certification according to the audit standards when it is found suitable.
  • Presentation of the document.

With the result of the certification audit, the company deserves to receive the quality system certification with the positive decision of Universal Adria certification committee and with the determination of quality system’s related standard requirement’s suitability.

The certificates of the companies which deserves to receive certificates includes clauses of publishing date, due date, and certification period.

In the first certification, the time between the dates of certification publishing and certification due is one month. In the case of surveillance audit’s suitability, which is carried out annually, by publishing the new certification due date is extended on the behalf of keeping the first publishing date same. In the part of the certification period, its period number is indicated in brackets, thus the certification period is completed to three years.

The company, which signs a contract with Universal Adria, can only use the certificate for production/manufacture/service place/places audited and mentioned in the certificate.

The certificate is given for the scope mentioned within the quality system certification application and can’t be used out of this scope.

The certificate is in the possession of the company named in it and can’t be transferred to another corporation or legal entity. The responsibility, which emerges as a result of the misuse of certificates by third parties, belongs to the corporation.

Surveillance Audits:
It is the examination of the certified company with considering the date of the quality system certificate’s receiving at least once in a year. In one certificate usage period (3 years), minimum two surveillance audits are conducted. During the validity of the certificate, all clauses of the reference standard are examined least for one time.

Surveillance Audit Period is determined at the end of the certification audit by the company. The number of the surveillance audits can be increased according to the customer complaints reaching Universal Adria, the degree of non-conformances found during the audit or the opinions of the audit team.

Follow-up Audits:
They are audits conducted as a result of company’s being not entitled to take the certificate, determination of effective implementation of corrective actions for non-conformances found during the audit, or in the situation of suspense resulted from the certified corporation’s suspense clause.

Recertification Audit:
Given certificate is valid for 3 years that is why recertification is performed in every 3 years.
Due to the cause of Quality System Certificate validity expiration at the end of three (3) years, the company is warned via written text due in three (3) months of this duration. If the company does not response to the notice in three months and/or sends a written text about not demanding for the continuity of the certificate, the certificate is cancelled in consequent to its due date. If the company demands for recertification, with the written request of the company, the recertification audit is conducted.

Prijenosni audit:
The companies certified by different certification corporations can be transferred to Universal Adria, when conformances accomplished according to the related procedures.
Transfer Applications are performed in the same method with the first certification audit.
For further information, you can examine the certification procedure (UPR.02)’s pdf.