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About Universal Adria

Universal is international union that offers services of management system certifications to its clients. Universal Adria d.o.o. is authorized to represent German Certification Company Universal GmbH and certification brand UNICERT on the area of Republic of Croatia, Republic Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic Serbia, Montenegro and Republic of Macedonia.

Union Universal is accredited by German Accreditation Agency DAkkS under whose control Universal Adria is. Universal Adria as a branch was established in 2015 with residence in Zagreb.

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With the benefits of DAkkS accreditation Universal offers a high level of professionality and expertise of its auditors and other staff which are the main source of competitive advantage for Universal and its clients.

Union Universal acts in different industrial and commercial sectors. Our clients are organizations across global markets of different sizes. From those with one location and one employee to big companies with several thousands of employees and number of locations.

Universal covers certifications schemes for a large number of standards and management system like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000/HACCP, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 50001 and others (more on the page Services).

Why Universal Adria?

With the German DAkkS accreditation we help our clients to achieve recognition on the global markets. DAkkS is a full member of European accreditation – EA, International Accreditation Forum – IAF-a and ILAC-a (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation).


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Through continues investment into development of employees and auditors Universal offers applicable solutions that give an extra value to the business of a client. The goal of our solutions is to help in further development according to specifications and requirements of certain sectors.

Business of Universal is based on independence, objectivity and confidentiality.